So… who’s running the show here?

Right now, it’s just me— Lauralei Garrity. One day, I would absolutely love to have a tight-knit team with me working on gathering content. But for now I am totally happy to get the ball rolling on my own. I know throughout the site, I use the terms “our” and “we” to reference the blog. That’s intentional. I want our readers to feel like they are a part of the team too, because really, we’re all in it together.

To learn more about me, check out the About & Contact page!

If I am interested in getting more involved with the literary community, how do I do that?

Well, that question has like a million and one answers! Depending on who you are— a writer (published or up-and-coming), a bookstagrammer, an independent bookstore owner, a literacy-related non-profit or business, or an editor, literary agent, or anyone in publishing— then your goals and interests will probably differ, which will impact how you can get involved. But I believe there is a place for everyone! Shoot me an email and we can brainstorm together! If there is any way Rebel-Mouthed Books can help you, just ask.

If I live in Oregon and want to meetup to discuss reading/writing, can I get in touch?

Or, if I’m a writer or writing student, can I sent you my work to get your thoughts and feedback?

AB-SO-LUTELY! I just moved to central Oregon in the summer of 2018, so I am still new and always looking to make new friends here in the Northwest. I can’t always guarantee that I will be able to travel far to meet you, but we can be good ole-fashioned pen-pals in the meantime. If you are ever in Bend, give me a holler and we can meet for coffee or something. I look forward to meeting you!

And, once again, AB-SO-LUTELY! Depending on the time of year, I may not be the quickest to respond to emails. But I will always let you know via email. Working with new writers is so fun for me and when I get the chance, I leap on it. Again, as it says in our Manifesto, I’m not an expert, BUT I am happy to talk to you as a reader and a writer.

I just have a few rules for emails:

1) Tell me about yourself. Since we aren’t meeting in person, I want to get a feel for the kind of person you are, the kind of writer you are, the kind of reader you are. Knowing a bit about you will help me answer your questions or address your goals.

2) No rudeness. I hope this NEVER happens, but if I receive any emails that are rude or profane, I won’t respond. The book-ish community, as far as I have seen, is full of kind, generous people. So I don’t expect to receive many of these emails. But, I’m saying it now, if I do, I’m not dealing with it.

3) No solicitations for unrelated materials, please. This space is for readers and writers. While I LOVE supporting small businesses and I will often give shout outs when proper, I don’t want to be bombarded by emails or requests for things that don’t have anything to do with the literary community.

4) Respect your time and mine. Interpret this as you wish.

5. Be patient. If I don’t respond right away, please know that I am not ignoring you. I tend to work through my emails on Mondays, so that I can focus on other projects the rest of the week, so that’s the best bet for when you can expect to hear back from me. If you haven’t heard back after two weeks, feel free to send a follow-up email. I’m human and I miss stuff just like anyone else. I try not to, but it happens. I promise I won’t get annoyed if you send me a follow-up email to check in. Just please don’t bombard me with dozens of emails rapid-fire. That’s never nice to do.