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As a writer and a community-builder, I am always looking for new ways to connect and support others.



In my professional career, I have organized and written approximately 10 grant proposals varying in size and scope both in the non-profit world and for socially-driven companies. Most recently, a grant proposal I wrote was awarded at the amount of $1,000,000.

Given my experiences, I am comfortable leading the charge on grant projects for causes or companies that inspire me. I am particularly interested in the arts and education, as I have written within both of those sectors the most often. I am currently available for new projects, should you like to connect.

Hidden bookstore in Krakow, Poland.

Hidden bookstore in Krakow, Poland.


While I have not acted as an official tutor, before, I am looking to branch out into this arena, as I love working with young people. As a tutor, I would build a strong, trusting relationship with each student so that I can find and share the right tools that individual needs to succeed.

I am comfortable tutoring students in English Writing, English Composition, English Literature, and Writing from the ages of 13-18. But I am open to meeting with any student who may be looking for more assistance. I charge $12 per hour.

One Part of My Revising Process

One Part of My Revising Process

Writing Coach

At University, I acted as a Teaching Assistant for several writing workshops and I led digital workshops outside of the classroom. I love working with writers intimately. As a coach, I read and prepare revision notes on drafts, I share reading materials that may help the writer grow, and I like meeting in person just to talk shop. Sometimes, our best ideas come when we talk with other writers and find new ways to understand our writing. With any writer, I push them beyond word choice or syntax; I push ideas. My strong suit is analyzing the big picture of a draft— character arcs, themes, structure— and giving the writer insight into how to empower their own voice and their own story. If this sounds like something you would like to do together, please send me an email.