How to Support Me


We all need support in one form or another.

As a writer, I spent a lot of time and money on books— my one business expense. Therefore, the best way you can support me is by supporting my life-long education.

If you:

  • Love my work and just want me to feel that love,

  • Hate my work and want me to do better,

  • Or simply want to share a title you love with me,

Then this is a great avenue for you.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. If you want to support a book purchase from my Thriftbooks Wish list, then follow the link and browse through. Pick however many you want to encourage me to read and tally up a total (estimates are fine.)

  2. Then, go to my Venmo (@lauralei-kraski) and send me whatever that total amount is with a note listing the titles of the books you picked.

  3. If you want to keep it simple, feel free just to contribute to my Venmo whatever amount you like. Even $1 goes a long way. If you have a book that is not on my wish list that you want me to buy, feel free to tell me. I give preference to what’s on my own list, but I am open to all suggestions!

  4. When I buy a book with your contribution, I will take a photo on Instagram and tag you. If you are not on social media, feel free to share your email address and I’ll thank you via email.

And, of course, always feel free to send me messages about what you like that I do, what you don’t like that I do, and what I can do better. Your time and words are valuable to me, always. If there are ways I can support you, also tell me. Being a literary citizen is a two-way street.