About Rebel-Mouthed Books


We’re introverts. It’s okay to say.

We are quiet, solitary, and independent creatures, exploring the vast worlds between the pages of our favorite books.

Or, at least, that’s what we have been taught to believe.

Readers and writers may sometimes need peace and quiet to work or enjoy a nice read, but we also need each other— we need a community. That’s what Rebel-Mouthed Books is all about. We share resources openly to connect readers and writers with the larger literary community.

About Lauralei


Throughout my life, I’ve been lucky enough to work in many of the different branches that make up the literary community. Through those experiences, I’ve learned a lot about being a good literary citizen.

At the University of Pittsburgh, I received my BA in English Writing and Film Studies. There, I got my first real dose of what it feels like to be a part of a literary community. As a Teaching Assistant in Writing Workshops, I worked with other young writers to help build their voices on the page, to tell their stories, and discover the resources they needed to blossom.

When I lived in Pittsburgh, PA, I wrote briefly for the Pittsburgh Magazine. The folks there are AMAZING, so, to all my Pittsburgh readers: give them a read sometime!

Shortly after, I ran the downtown branch of Amazing Books and Records, where I learned about the role independent bookstores play in their communities. There, I became the bookstore advocate that I am today. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE! cough, cough. Again, Pittsburgh-based readers, check out Amazing Books and Records when you get a chance; the staff there really know their stuff.

I’ve been writing in both creative and professional spaces for the last six years. My favorite branch of professional writing has always been grant-writing. I started when I worked for Carnegie Mellon University’s International Film Festival, a non-profit organization, and wrote grants to support our artistic efforts in Pittsburgh. I continued after that when I worked for an AMAZING education technology company, Expii.

Today, I’m finishing up my first literary project. I’ll keep all of you up to date when In the Company of Finxes (hopefully) gets published!

Regardless, I’ll be sharing plenty of resources about the writing process and what happens when you pursue publication (insert scary music.)

I am always looking for new ways to connect with my community.

Check out my Work With Me page to learn more about how we can work together and to see my resume.


Contact Me

If you want to connect— either about how we can work together or just to say hello— I am all ears!

If you have a blog about books, writing, publishing, ANYTHING book-related, shoot me an email and show me what you’ve got. If you are a Bookstagrammer, definitely reach out and connect with me. If you are a literary citizen and you have questions, comments, or recommendations for things I should post about, give me a holler.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

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