Podcasts for Readers

I LOVE podcasts— but sometimes I feel guilty listening to them when I feel I should be reading. Solution? Book podcasts.

If you are like me and have an interest in checking out book podcasts, I’ve compiled a VERY basic list below.

Mostly, I am interested in expanding this list based on your all’s favorites! If your book podcast is missing from this list, shoot me an email and I’ll add it.

  1. MisRead is probably my favorite out of this whole list, if I had to pick one. One of their most recent episodes includes an interview with one of my favorite bookstagrammers, @reggiereads, so that’s a bias on my end. (P.S he is one of those people online that makes you feel genuinely at home and included in bigger conversations— a great mind and a positive person to follow, even if you aren’t a bookstagrammer.) But honestly every episode of MisRead has something AWESOME about it, and that sort of flare is hard to find in any podcast. That flare comes from the range of topics the hosts discuss. It isn’t just reviewing books. It isn’t just talking about authors. It isn’t just about big ideas. The beauty of this podcast is that the creators prove over and over again their genuine love of reading by touching on all kinds of deeply fascinating topics that are rooted in literacy, authorship, and great reads. Season 2 is coming in February, so readers, definitely check out new episodes coming soon! AND, when I emailed the creators to ask if it was okay if I included MisRead in this post, I was given a little teaser to share with you all: In season 2, they will be hosting a special guest that you all won’t want to miss. Like, if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will! Find them on Instagram!


2. The Stacks is another amazing book podcast hosted by the funny, insightful Traci. I particularly like The Stacks’ format: Traci interviews someone one week and they talk about all things reading and then the next week they dive in on a singular read, book-club style. This podcast is beloved on bookstagram, and for good reason. For me, I really like the books and authors featured in the podcast. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and levels of popularity. As someone who tends to stray from the most popular books of the year, I like hearing about texts that are stunning, important, ground-breaking but kind of under the radar. One other thing that makes me turn to the Stacks repeatedly: it’s not an intimidating, high-brow voice. It’s very human and real and funny. Imagine— discussing books and finding shit funny! Sometimes what turns people off from reading is that they are afraid it will be too serious or intellectual or just out of reach, not relatable. The Stacks brings out the real, funny, honest side of reading that is accessible to anyone and everyone. I’m a big advocate of that attitude, because it invites people to get into reading who may have been intimidated before. Find them on Instagram!

3. The Inside Flap, for those who think they know what to expect from book podcasts, is the unexpected. It almost feels like a goofy, radio talk show, which is a fresh voice for the literary community. This podcast is relatively new to the scene, which makes it feel vibrant and and energetic— one reason I like tuning in! Three buddies, Dave, Andrew, and Laura chat books. They all have different genre interests, and are knowledgeable in their respective areas. Mostly, I like listening to these friends talk books, share memories, tease each other (as friends do,) and debate tastes. It feels very familiar and honest, which I’m all about. Plus there is an adorable bull dog in the mix— called Charlie. Can’t go wrong there! On February 3, 2019 they are hosting an interview with British author William Shaw, whose latest book is Salt Lane. Find them on Instagram!

4. Overdue is basically a podcast where Andrew and Craig discuss books “that you’ve been meaning to read.” They tackle all types— from the classics to Goosebumps— which is super fun for me, as I am in a different mood for a different read like everyday. I also very much enjoy their casual, funny approach. I really liked their episode on New Moon, the second book of the Twilight Saga. It was the appropriate level of goofy and invested, which I respect. But they also do a good amount of research for each read, and I’ve learned a lot of cool things from them. Also, another thing I appreciate, they are mostly modest readers and commentators, which is rare. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but they know their shit— a perfect combo for me. Episodes can get pretty long, so if you are interested in listening, maybe give it a try if you plan on taking a long drive or maybe a long walk through the park. Find them on Instagram!

5. Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books is an interview-based, quick-listen podcast hosted by Zibby Owens. This podcast does something I deeply respect: it honors busy people’s time. Episodes are relatively short, but in-depth and meaningful. Zibby will interview writers from all sorts of backgrounds, so that those who are too busy to read as often as they like can still stay connected with what is being written today. Sometimes, just like readers can get intimidated when they look at the size of a book, listeners may not tune in when they see how long episodes of podcasts can get. I love podcasts of all lengths. But I don’t yet have children. I work on a flexible schedule. I’m privileged. So for those who might be intimidated by a long podcast, Zibby’s episodes are much more manageable and realistic for hectic schedules. Find her on Instagram!

6. Currently Reading is a cozy, fun podcast between two friends, Meredith and Kaytee, as they discuss books. What’s fun about this podcast is that it feels very “bookstagramm-y.” For those of you who don’t know what I mean by that, I mean the podcast is full of delightful banter and book-ish treats that bookstagrammers know and love. Examples? Little things like cute bookmarks discovered inside books, Christmas tree ornaments that look like book stacks, “book-ish moments of the week,” yummy cups of coffee, and many more things that readers, especially, love and surround themselves with. Find them on Instagram!

Again, if you have other favorites not listed here, let me know! I hope this list grows and grows as readers continue to flock to these amazing pods.