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Rebel Mouthed Books Manifesto

Rebel-Mouthed Books is all about giving readers and writers the resources they need to explore and grow within the bigger literary community. We share book reviews, writing resources, tips about the publishing industry, and all sorts of other fun stuff that readers and writers want. To be the best resource for you all, I have a few Do’s and Don’ts that I’d like to explain here so our beloved readers and writers know what to expect on this blog.

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New Year, New Voices: Most Anticipated Books of 2019

I perused as many listicles as I could find announcing new book releases for 2019 and to save you time, I picked my own personal “standout titles” from each list.

My criteria for “standouts” are simple:

  1. Is the book written by a writer of color?

  2. Is the book written by a woman?

  3. Is the story one that we readers have not yet heard before? AKA is this book another fun, typical crime thriller or does it have something totally new to offer us? I have nothing against genre reads, but I’d prefer to give this space to books that are doing something different. Genre reads are fun and engaging and exciting, so truly, I mean no offense by this criterion.

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